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Spray Treatments

Insects and disease can have an adverse affect on our trees and shrubs.  Environmentally sensitive spray treatments used in combination with a plant health care strategy can help restore beauty and health to your landscape.

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Deep Root Fertilization

Give your trees, shrubs and hedges the boost they need with Deep Root Liquid Fertilization.  We use a high nitrogen slow-release formula designed to aid green growth, encourage flowering and support healthy root development.

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Fruit Production Pruning

Do you have fruit trees, but they fail to produce a significant crop? Or maybe your fruit tree is so big the birds get the fruit before you do? Winter or summer, we offer pruning solutions that can help you make the most of your next harvest.  

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Tree Injections


Air Spading

Known mostly as a method to help control Emerald Ash Borer in Ash trees, tree injections are also used to facilitate applications of fertilizer when the ground around the tree is not accessible.

Proper pruning of dead, diseased and dying branches helps to minimize the risk of disease or decay from spreading to healthy parts of the plant.  Pruning is also an effective tool to help control some insect populations!

Air spading the soil around the base of the tree allows us to break up compaction and get to the root of the problem.  Soil amendments such as compost can be easily added at this stage to help improve a tree's vitality.

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Traps & Banding

Arborist Reports


Tree banding applied at certain times during the year helps to control insect populations like Gypsy Moth.  Pheromone traps for pests like Japanese Beetle can be installed when numbers are high (not shown in photo).

For residential and commercially owned properties that have private and/or City-owned trees, Arborist Reports and Tree Protection Plans are often required in order to move forward with a project.  We can help with that.

Whether it be a full property walk-through, insect and disease diagnoses or to discuss overall plant health, a consultation with our PHC technician will provide you with the answers and recommendations you are looking for. 

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